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About the book

Publication Date: 2011

On January 18, 2011, the final rolls of Kodachrome were processed at Dwayne's Photo in Parsons, Kansas. Kodachrome: End of the Run is a farewell homage to and celebration of Kodachrome, which ushered in the modern era of color photography.

Introductory essays explore the film's historical importance, its unique scientific formulation, and its iconic status. What follows is an extensive gallery of photographs selected from the final batches processed that last day, the day that Kodachrome came to the end of its run.

April 2011
7 x 10
104 pages

City Corner – Kodachrome | STL TV

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About the editors and essayists

Bill Barrett

was a professor at Webster University's School of Communications, where he taught photography for nearly three decades. He worked extensively in New York City and Central America and served as Director of the University's May Gallery.

Arnold H. Drapkin

was on the editorial staff of Time, the Weekly Newsmagazine, for 38 years. During his ten years as worldwide picture editor, Time won a record 200-plus awards for its excellence in photography.

Susan Hacker Stang

is a photographer and educator. She is Professor Emeritus in the School of Communications at Webster University, where she taught in the photography program. She exhibits and publishes actively, and her work is held in over twenty museum collections worldwide.

Grant Steinle

is the vice president of Operations at Dwayne's Photo, the last lab to process Kodachrome film. He has worked at Dwayne's since 1989.