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About the Library

Library policy information

All Areas/Rooms of the Library

  • Smoking is prohibited. This includes e-cigarettes or other vapor devices.
  • Pets are not permitted unless they are service or support animals.
  • Disruptive activities are not permitted in the Library.
  • The Lower Level and Levels 3 and 4 are quiet floors. We ask that you take cell phone calls outside or to another Level of the Library and keep conversations to a minimum. 
  • Computers in the Library are reserved for Webster and Eden students, faculty, and staff.
  • Webster University reserves the right to deny the use of a requested location due to security issues, invasion of privacy, safety concerns, scheduling, or other logistical issues. 

Computer use


Current Webster University and Eden Theological Seminary students, faculty, and staff have priority use of the computers throughout the library.
Everyone must abide by Webster University's Acceptable Use Policy when using computers anywhere on campus.

24/7 Computer Lab


The 24/7 Computer Lab is available at anytime by current Webster and Eden students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Library Classroom use


  • Webster or Eden faculty may reserve the Library Classroom for a class by calling the Research Desk no more than 5 days in advance at 314-246-6950.
  • Instructional sessions taught by the Library have first priority in the use of the Library Classroom.
  • A class schedule will be posted outside the room, daily.
  • Please exit the room 15 minutes before scheduled class time.
  • Covered drinks are allowed.

Filming and photographing in the Library

Policy: Student and Faculty Academic Projects

The Library is pleased to support our students and faculty in their work. We will consider requests for student and faculty filming and photography projects in the Library that meet the criteria below. At this time, we cannot provide space for film or photography projects for commercial purposes or to anyone other than Webster and Eden students, faculty, and staff. Please see guidelines below for filming and photography projects sponsored by university offices or conducted as part of university business. 

  • You must get permission to film or take photographs in the Library. A request form is available at the Level 1 Circulation Desk and Level 2 Research Desk or in PDF format. Requests should be submitted two (2) full business days prior to the filming/photography date.
  • Only one crew is allowed in the library at a time, so please send in your requests early.
  • When you arrive for your shoot, you must check in at the Library's Level 1 Circulation Desk. You will be given a signed approval sheet that must be posted in the location of your shoot.
  • Do not interfere with the use of the Library by other library patrons.
  • Filming/photography/recording must take place during the Library's open hours. 
  • All staff work areas, the Faculty Development Center and the balcony outside the Faculty Development Center, the roof, the restrooms, and any other areas not typically accessible by library users are not available for use.
  • Do not enter a study room, classroom or conference room that is occupied, unless this has been prearranged with the users of that room.
  • Do not film or take pictures of other library patrons without their permission. You must secure signed release statements from anyone you photograph or film.
  • Request permission to use any additional lighting.
  • Follow standard cable management practices, including taping down cables.
  • Do not move furniture or equipment without permission.
  • Do not block stairwells, aisles, doorways, or any other public areas.
  • Keep conversations and noise while taking the pictures or filming to a minimum. The Lower Level and Levels 3 and 4 are quiet floors.

Policy: Projects for University Business/Sponsored by University Offices

Filming or photography in the Library that is sponsored by university offices or conducted as part of official university business is explicitly allowed at all times when the library is open. Filming or photography using personal devices or small cameras does not require advance permission. If your project requires larger equipment or a film crew, we ask that you contact a member of the library’s Management Team (contact information below) so that we can assist you with the logistics of your project. Please follow the following guidelines when taking photos or filming:

  • Do not interfere with the use of the library by other library patrons.
  • Do not enter a study room, classroom, or conference room that is occupied, unless this has been prearranged with the users of that room.
  • Do not film or take pictures of other library patrons without their permission. If you intend to use video or photos in social media, you must secure verbal permission from the subjects. If you intend to use video or photos for marketing or advertisements, you must secure signed release statements from the subjects.
  • Do not move furniture or equipment without permission.
  • Do not block stairwells, aisles, doorways or any other public areas.
  • Keep conversations and noise while taking photos or filming to a minimum. The Lower Level and Levels 3 and 4 are quiet floors.

Questions? Contact the Library Management Team:

Updated 1/2024, Library Management Team



Webster University Library aligns with University Student Handbook policy on the distribution of flyers. Current Webster or Eden Student organizations and/or departments may post flyers in the following areas of the library:

  • On one or both designated bulletin boards (directly to the right of the elevator on Level 1 and 2 of the 24/7 Computer Lab).
  • Flyers for University events may be given to the staff at the Level 1 Circulation Desk to be displayed in the Edgar Rd. entrance where library staff will post them if there is space.
  • 4”x 6” flyers may be placed in the 24/7 Computer Lab on Level 1 tables and on the counter to the left of the photocopier on Level 2.  Advertising in these locations is limited to within one week of the advertised event. 

Webster University Library staff will remove and recycle flyers left anywhere else in the building and all expired flyers. For more information on flyers on campus, please refer to the Student Handbook.

Revised 2/2023

Group study room use


  • Any faculty member seeking to reserve a classroom should submit that request to their departmental representative who will forward it to the Registrar’s office. 
  • The rooms may be reserved at least one day in advance, by calling the Circulation Desk at 314-246-6952 or submitting a request in 25Live Pro.
  • You may only have three (3) reservations for group study rooms at a time.
  • Except when previously reserved, all 17 rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Only Webster University and Eden Theological Seminary students, faculty, and staff may reserve a group study room.
  • A person studying solo may use an empty group study room if it's not reserved. However, student or staff groups will have priority. 

Library Conference Room (room 120) use


  • Webster University groups may reserve this space. You may have up to three (3) reservations for the Library Conference Room at a time.
  • Please allow 30 minutes for setup and cleanup and your event must end 30 minutes before the library closes. 
  • All Webster University policies and regulations must be observed. Violation will subject the applicant to University judicial action, possible legal liability, and risk the immediate closing of the event.
  • Posted safety and fire prevention regulations will be followed. 
  • All aisles leading to exit doors must be kept clear and unobstructed. During the period of use, no required exit door may be fastened so that the door cannot be opened readily from the inside. Required exits serving the room shall be adequately lighted when the room is occupied.
  • Please refrain from using / serving red liquids.    
  • You may not use candles or glitter in the Library Conference Room.
  • Please do not tape or otherwise affix anything to the walls or ceiling. 
  • You may submit a work order for both set up and take down if a non-standard setup is needed. For safety, please do not move tables yourself.

Listening/Viewing Room use


  • Room 124 and the AV carrels are available for use on a first-come, first-served basis. Current Webster and Eden students, faculty, and staff may reserve Rooms 125 and 127 by either calling the Circulation Desk at 314‑246-6952 or in 25Live Pro, the University’s web-based calendaring and scheduling solution.
  • Room 126, the Gaming Room, is available for use by only current Webster and Eden students faculty and staff.
  • Visitors, after presenting a valid photo ID to Library staff at the Level 1 Circulation Desk, may use the listening/viewing rooms only to view items from the Library's collections.
  • Use of media in the library's study rooms should comply with guidance from the Office of Student Engagement.

Materials reconsideration

Reconsideration Policy

Webster University Library supports the teaching, coursework, research, and lifelong learning needs of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the local community. To meet the needs of our constituents, the Library’s collection and services encompass a broad and diverse range of ideas, voices, and viewpoints. The presence of materials, programs, events, or displays in the library collection does not indicate that Webster University Library endorses the content of these items. 

Webster University Library recognizes the right of individuals to question library materials, programs, events, and displays. If a student, faculty, or staff member wishes for the Library to reconsider the inclusion or placement of a particular title, program, event, or display, they can fill out and submit a Request for Reconsideration form (below).

Once an official Request for Reconsideration is received, the Library’s Management Team will review the material, program, event, or display and determine whether it conforms to the Library’s mission and policies. Once a decision has been made, the requester will be notified in writing. Should the requester wish to appeal a decision, a request in writing should be sent to the Dean of University Libraries.  

Request for Reconsideration Forms will only be accepted and reviewed when submitted by current Webster University students, faculty, and staff.

Request for Reconsideration forms will not be accepted unless they are filled out in their entirety. Each Request for Reconsideration form is limited to one item/program/event/display. If a duplicate reconsideration request is submitted within a six-month period, the first decision will stand.  

Reconsideration Request form 

If you wish to request reconsideration of library materials, programs, events, or displays, complete and return this form to the Dean of University Libraries at Webster University Library, 470 E. Lockwood Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63119.

The person completing this form must be a current Webster University student, faculty, or staff member.  
Requester’s Full Name__________________________________________________________________  
Requester’s Webster ID Number_________________________________________________________  
Requester’s Mailing Address (optional) ____________________________________________________  
Requester’s Phone Number or Email Address________________________________________________  

Resource on which you are commenting:  
Title of item/program/event/display: ___________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________  
Author/producer/date of program/location of display: __________________________________ 
Book_______ Video_______ Magazine________ Program/Event__________ Newspaper_________ Display_________ Online resource ________ Other_________ 
What brought this resource to your attention?  
Have you read, listened to, viewed, or examined the whole resource? Yes____ No____  
Why or why not?  
What concerns you about the resource? Be specific and cite page numbers and quote exact passages; cite specific scenes and their location in a video; cite specific tracks of a CD; or provide other detailed information as applicable.  
What of value is there in the work? 
Are you aware of reviews of the work by critics or subject specialists? What reviews have you researched? (Give specific citations) 
What do you believe is the purpose or theme of this work?  
What do you feel might be the result of reading, listening to, or viewing this work? On what do you base this opinion? 
What action would you suggest be taken regarding the item/program/event/display in question?  
Are there other resources you could suggest that might provide additional information and/or other viewpoints on this topic?  
Signature_________________________________________________ Date______________________________