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Library Services

New catalog may impact links to library materials

Our new catalog launched on May 22, 2024 and some links in your classroom materials may be impacted. Please review the Library's Sharepoint site for a short video and infographic with instructions and please reach out to your Subject Librarian or the Online Learning Center with any questions. We are happy to help!

Library instruction and course support

Our Subject Librarians can support your teaching and your students' learning. We can help you to: 

  • find information and resources for your courses 
  • acquire databases, books, videos, journals, etc. for the library collection
  • understand Library resources and services that will best support your students
  • use copyrighted materials within Fair Use 

Your Subject Librarian can work with you to support information literacy for your students. We can:

  • develop instructional tutorials, program and course Research Guides, videos or other learning objects for your classes or programs
  • help develop assignments that can be supported by library resources
  • present library instruction sessions in person or via Zoom to introduce your students to resources that are appropriate for your assignments
    • Please schedule these at least one week in advance to give librarians time to adequately prepare.

Subject Librarians provide more in-depth research assistance

Subject Librarians support faculty, students, and staff in every College/School and academic department of Webster University. Your Subject Librarian can meet with you one-on-one to discuss your specific research needs in more depth than may be possible for our Research Librarians.

Please visit the staff directory to find your subject librarian to schedule an appointment or contact them via email.

Resources and Access Services (Circulation Desk)

Our Resources and Access Services staff can help you digitize material for use in WorldClassRoom and reserve materials for use in class. 

To take advantage of these services, email 

Copyright and Fair Use policy

For more information on using copyrighted materials in the classroom, visit our guide to copyright and fair use


Please direct all printing requests to the Mail and Copy Center

Support for faculty publishing

Please visit our Faculty Publishing, Research, and Scholarship guide for details about the many ways the University can help you with scholarly publishing:

Best practices for using library eResources in your course

These suggestions apply to all eResources that you use to support your teaching, including: eBooks, streaming videos, and other items from the library's collection, periodical articles from library databases, open-access textbooks and Open Educational Resources, and other online resources (e.g. YouTube videos and websites). 

Link students to their program Research Guide (curated lists of best databases, search tips, and training).

If you have pre-selected course readings from library databases or websites:

  • Include a complete citation when listing or linking materials on World Classroom (WCR) or the syllabus to help your students (or library staff) search for the item if the link doesn't work.
    • Many library databases have a 'cite' tool (sometimes indicated with quotation marks [" "]) which generates a citation for you.
  • Scan and upload PDF files to your World Classroom course page or ask the library’s eReserves staff to scan them for you. (For the latter, allow at least 5 business days advance notice). 
  • For content from a library database, the link should include the library proxy server string ( so that users are prompted to log in/authenticate into the database so access is limited.
    • The database may have a 'permalink' or 'share link' tool to capture a persistent URL that includes the proxy string.
  • If you need help capturing URLs or citations, please ask our Research Librarians of the Subject Librarian for your program.
  • Each term, check all links before sharing them with your students.

Follow Copyright & Fair Use guidelines when posting or distributing all content to students. Limit access to only students in your course.

Collaborate with your subject librarian to:

  • Share your research assignment or design one with us in advance (1 to 2 weeks, please) to ensure resources are available.
  • Link students to pre-recorded videos and training tips. 
  • If your students might benefit from targeted library instruction, work with us to create and front-load it into your class to save time and student frustration.