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For research support and additional information, contact:Efi Michali

Contact the librarian for information on library hours.

In order to gain access to the library and its facilities, students are kindly requested to show their ID card. Students without ID cards will not be able to check out any material from the library.

Webster Athens library policies and guidelines support the goals of providing our students with access to our resources and spaces.

  • The Webster Athens Library consists of the 15.500 volumes of books and is systematically enriched by new acquisitions. It is composed mainly of English titles in the subject areas that follow the curriculum of both the undergraduate and graduate programs. The books are on open access and available on loan.
  • Reference Collection: Dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, atlases, biographies, and directories are some of the book’s students can find in these collections. Since they include information on multiple subjects and are defined as primary reference tools in the chain of research, they are not on loan and students can use only in the library.
  • Easy Reading: A collection of paperbacks and brief editions of great literary works are also kept in the library.
  • Greek Collection: The collection includes a selection of Greek titles on various topics together with the multi-volume work History of Greek Nation.
  • Course Reserves: Ancillary material (books /photocopies) are deposited by Webster Athens faculty for use in the courses during the term/semester. They are kept by the circulation desk, and in most cases, users are able to use them only in the library or photocopy them.
  • Students should have ID card/number to use the library and check out books.
  • Undergraduate students may check out three books for a period of two weeks.
  • Graduate students may check out four books for a period of two weeks.
  • Easy reading can be taken out for a period of four weeks.
  • Reference material, periodical and textbooks cannot be taken out of the library.
  • Fees for overdue books are E 0.15 per day for each book. Lost book fines are the cost of the book plus E15.
  • Library has access to the Internet for Instructional and research purposes, including the online databases.
  • No bags, briefcases or backpacks are allowed in the library hall. Leave them at the entrance. Valuables should not be left unattended.
  • Smoking, the consumption of food and drink, and the use of mobile phones are not permitted in the Library.
  • Please do not reshelve books or journals. You may leave them on the tables or at the circulation desk.
  • Users of the library are kindly reminded that Library regulations are intended to provide a pleasant and quite study environment for everyone.

Class in Athens campus library

Class in Athens campus library

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In about 20 minutes, this video shows seasoned and new library users how to navigate our new library website, search in our databases and catalog, access program Research Guides and full-text articles, and get citation and research help from a librarian, 24/7.