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About the book

Author, photographer, and professor Susan Hacker Stang explores the city of Florence and way it has affected those that have allowed themselves to be touched by its beauty and its history. Stang utilized the Polaroid Emulsion Transfer process to give the images a lyricism and sense of the past that she finds to be essential to Florence. The photographs are accompanied by quotations by Camus, James, Brodsky, Forster, Cecchi, Luzi, Stendhal and many other novelists, poets and essayists, who speak of the way Florence has touched their lives. The text was researched by Andrea Burzi and Susanna Sarti, both from Florence, and they along with Stang selected the combinations of image and text, finding echoes and resonances between the words and the photographs. The text is in both English and Italian throughout.

Published in collaboration with Palombi Editori, Rome.

To purchase

Encountering Florence-Firenze-Incontro, by Susan Hacker Stang, is available for purchase at the Webster University Library front desk or via

About the author

Susan Hacker Stang

is Professor Emeritus of Photography in the School of Communications at Webster University. The photographs in this book were made during the years 2003–2006. In 2005, Stang received a Faculty Fellowship Grant through the Webster University Faculty Development Center. Her fellowship project, using Adobe Creative Suite to create a book (in relationship to transforming her class in Image/Text), led to the production of a hand-made book that can be considered the precursor to this one.