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If you are in need of video content, this is the place to go.

AVON database of streaming videos

To log in, follow the link below.

Search tips for AVON (Academic Video Online)

The AVON database currently includes collections of videos that are available to Webster University users, as well as some 'sample' content that is not. To search for only content to which we have access: 

  • Click in the search box and enter your search terms
  • Set/leave the limit within 'Current Channel' 
  • Click the magnifying glass to search

AVON search form

After you search, you may then click the 'Filter' menu to limit your results by subject, publisher, person, content type (documentary, instructional, news, performance) and release date.

Access tips

Move your cursor over the video thumbnail and click on the (i) for more information and access to the video controls. 

Play the video to access a menu that will allow you to view additional information and share the content.

The AVON menu for a video

  • Transcript*: A rolling transcript and the ability to search it.
  • Details:  About the video production. May also include supplemental materials available for download.
  • Clips:   Sign in to your personal AVON account to create a clip from the video.
  • Share: Copy the code to embed the video in a secure website like World Classroom / Canvas.
  • Cite:   Capture the APA, Chicago, or MLA citation for a video. It is a best practice to include the citation when you link to or embed a video.


Caveat: Closed captioning and transcripts* are available (and searchable) for AVON videos. However, this content may be unedited, so it may not be a true representation of the audio.

Sample videos on AVON

A sample video on Avon

If you search 'All channels' (rather than the Current channel) or for 'All videos,' you may retrieve content to which Webster University does not have access. These videos are labeled "Sample".  You may watch a small portion of the video or be able to get access for a limited time.

As of August 2019, there is no way to filter out sample content except to search within the Current channel

The Library may be able to purchase AVON sample videos for faculty to use in teaching a course. Please consult your subject/liaison librarian or your international campus librarian for more information.



Image captured from AVON, 8/28/2019