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New Student Guide to Webster University Library

How do I log in to library eResources (the eBook and database login page)?

Why can’t I log in to eResources?

Below is a list of common issues that prevent people from logging into Webster eResources:

  1. You are using your email address or Connections ID instead of your last name and Student ID.
    1. Double check what the login is asking for. Database logins will ask for your last name and student ID number to login.  Mobius requests ask for your full name and your student ID followed by EWL (our campus code).

  2. You have a typo.
    1. Most trouble logging into the databases is caused by mistyping your ID number. Even if you think that your ID number was entered correctly, it’s a good idea to double check that you are using the correct ID number. Your ID number is on your ID card and in your biographical information in Connections.  Follow these instruction for finding your ID number in Connections.
    2. If you are using the numeric keypad to type numbers, make sure Num Lock is enabled.

  3. You need to clear your browser cache or try a different browser.
    1. There may be something in your browser history that is blocking the login. Try a different browser or clear your cache.  Instructions for clearing your cache are here.  
    2. If those two steps that do not work, please contact us and we can take further steps to determine if the problem is with the technology you are using.

  4. You have tried to log in unsuccessfully several times and have been temporarily locked out of the system.
    1. If you have been unsuccessful several times in a short period, you may be temporarily locked out of our system.  This will reset after a short period of time.

  5. You are not currently enrolled in classes.
    1. Unfortunately, our database contracts state that we can only offer access to current students, faculty and staff.  If you’ve graduated or are taking a semester off, your registration status will prevent you from logging in.
    2. If you are an alumnus in the St. Louis area, you can visit the library and a librarian can log you in.  You need to get an Alumni ID to enter the Library.  If you cannot visit the library you may want to consider joining our Research Fellows Program or visiting your local, public library.
    3.  If you are not currently enrolled in classes because you’re working on an incomplete or thesis, ask  your advisor to contact Heidi Vix at 314-246-6951 or to set up access.

  6. The Registrar’s Office has a different name or spelling on file.
    1. If you have changed your name, have multiple last names, or a hyphenated last name, the information that the registrar has may not match the name you are currently using.  Double Check the spelling that we have for you by following these instructions: .  You may also want to contact the registrar’s office to update this information.

  7. There's another problem with your account.
    1. If none of these solutions work, there may be a glitch in the registration system or a hold on your account.  Please  call, email, chat or visit us and we can investigate the matter further.

MOBIUS login

If you’re placing a MOBIUS request, add EWL after your Webster ID number.

  • Adding ewl is our Campus Code and identifies you as a Webster University or Eden Theological Seminary student when using MOBIUS. Your ID number will look like this: 1234567ewl .  This is not necessary when logging into our eResources page.