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New Student Guide to Webster University Library

The Webster University Library rarely purchases textbooks

To see if we happen to have the textbook you need, please follow the links below.

Why don’t we purchase textbooks? The library’s mission is to provide materials that go beyond the traditional textbook, such as in-depth books on a topic, research journals, videos, primary sources, etc. Our collection development policy states we do not purchase textbooks.

International Campuses

Some of our International Campuses provide textbooks.  If you are on an International Campus and are unsure how to get your textbooks, please contact the administrative offices on your campus.  If you are a student on the Tashkent Campus, please see the information below.

Tashkent Campus - Textbook Information 

Tashkent students can pick up their textbooks at the library even if classes are online. At the entrance to the university, contact us through the work number of the library. You need to provide your first and last name or ID number and title of the book, and show your student ID card. If you have any questions, please call +998 71 241 3300.