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Sharing streaming videos from library databases

Basic instructions for sharing videos

The Webster University Library offers a number of databases with streaming videos to current faculty, students, and staff. To share these videos with other current Webster members:

  • Use the share feature that is available within the database (examples are below) to capture a permalink.
    • Do not just copy and paste the URL in your browser's address bar at the top of your screen.
    • It is also best not to link from our library catalog.
  • Use the cite feature within the database to generate a citation for the content and include this when posting the link or embed. (This will help library staff to help your students to access the content in case the link fails.)
  • If including links in a syllabus, check your links at least two weeks before they will be used to make sure they are working properly. 
  • Report any problems using our eResource Issue/Problem form at

Permalinks vs. Embed Codes

Permalinks are stable links to an individual video. They can be copied and pasted in their entirety into your syllabus, course page, etc.

Embed codes allow you to insert a video directly into your course so that students see the video in a window on your course page. While visually attractive, they do take up a lot of room on the page and may not always function well with all systems.



AVON (Alexander Street) sharing example

See text directions for how to share below the image.

AVON database video sharing example with "how to do it" steps which are describe in text.

From the video record:

  1. Click the Share link at the top.
  2. A window will open at the bottom of the screen with options to copy either a Permalink or an Embed Cod.
  3. Copy and paste the permalink or the embed code in your LMS or another website.

Films on Demand sharing example

Films on Demand video sharing



Films on Demand video sharing screen

Kanopy sharing example

Kanopy video sharing example