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Downloading Chapters in GVRL

You can download individual eBook chapters as a PDF document and view them using your eReader. If your eReader is connected to your computer, you may be able to download the PDF article directly to the eReader. Alternatively, you can download the PDF article to your computer and later transfer it to your eReader via a USB connection. When opened in your eReader, the PDF article will display with the formatting of the original publication.

Download a Single Article

While viewing an eBook article in TEXT view, click Download PDF to eReader on the gray bar directly below the GVRL product banner. This will download the article as a PDF file.

Tip: You can drag and drop downloaded PDF articles from your computer to your eReader when connected via USB. PDF articles you download from this database are considered "personal documents." Refer to your eReader user guide for how to transfer and manage personal documents in PDF format.

Note: Your eReader may charge a fee for content delivery and/or offer a free way to email content. There may also be a limit on the number of documents and/or file size you can email to your eReader. Please refer to your eReader's user guide for information.

Alternatively, you can email the articles to yourself and manually transfer the content to your eReader using a USB connection.

Downloading Chapters in GVRL for Kindles 

If you prefer to have your personal PDF documents converted to a Kindle-compatible format so you can take advantage of your Kindle eReader functionality, such as variable font size, annotation, Text-to-Speech, etc., type "Convert" in the subject of the e-mail when you send your personal document to your or or address.

Note: Kindle users must first authorize e-mail addresses in order for their Kindle to receive files. Refer your Kindle user guide for more information.