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MOBIUS System Upgrade

MOBIUS is launching a new library platform on May 22, 2024. Find out more about this transition and how it will impact you.



Our Library is part of the MOBIUS library consortium, allowing us access to millions of items beyond our physical collection. The MOBIUS catalog is migrating to a new system.

The transition began quietly last year but signs of change will become more prominent as we approach the launch date:
May 22, 2024.


April 18

The MOBIUS catalog will have a new look. To ensure a smooth transition, beginning April 18 new requests cannot be placed until launch day (May 22). All outstanding MOBIUS requests will be canceled.

May 6 - 21

Checkouts and check-ins will be manually recorded. Items in our local catalog will be viewable but availability may not be accurate. Please feel free to phone us before stopping in if you want to check the availability of an item: 314-246-6952.

May 22

Launch day! The new library platform goes live with a new catalog. The MOBIUS catalog contains items owned at all MOBIUS member libraries. Requesting through the new MOBIUS OpenRS catalog resumes. Our new Webster-Eden library catalog also goes live on this date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing?

The MOBIUS consortium, of which Webster is a member, is moving to a new, modern library platform to enhance library services. The new platform includes a new catalog and discovery experience for our students and faculty.

Why a new library platform?

The current MOBIUS system was implemented 25 years ago when the library consortium was created. Since then, the library landscape has changed and new opportunities are on the horizon. Moving to a new, modern library system enables us to lay a foundation to grasp those opportunities.

How long will the upgrade take?

The migration is a multi-step process that began last summer. Final data extracts will take place starting April 18, and the new system will be launched on May 22.

Can I still check out books while the upgrade is underway?

Yes! Normal browsing and checkouts will take place.

When is the deadline for requesting books through MOBIUS?

Requesting in the MOBIUS catalog will be suspended on the morning of April 18, so get all your MOBIUS requests in by April 17.

Do I have to return all of my books before a certain date?

No, there is no particular date by which you must return your library books apart from the regular due date. Any books checked out to you at the time of the circulation freeze will transfer over to your account in the new system. Any books that you return during the circulation freeze will be processed in the new system after launch and backdated to the date returned.

Can I renew my MOBIUS books?

Current MOBIUS loans may be renewed through May 6, if eligible.