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Webster University History

Facts and figures about Webster University throughout its history

Pre-1920s and 1920s


  • 1919: Reverend Dr. Corcoran, Kenrick Seminary3


  • 1920: no public ceremony held14
  • 1921: Rev. F.X. McMenamy, S.J. (Baccalaureate sermon)10
  • 1921: Reverend Corcoran C.M.2
  • 1922: Rev. P.P. Crane (Baccalaureate sermon)4
  • 1922: Rev. M.J. O’Connor, S.J., President of St. Louis University4
  • 1923: Rev. W.F. Robison, S.J.5
  • 1924: Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S.J. (Baccalaureate sermon)6
  • 1924: Rev. F.V. Corcoran, C.M., PH.D.7
  • 1925: Reverend Martin O’Malley, C.M. (Baccalaureate sermon)
  • 1926: Reverend Paul J. Ritchie, S.T.L. (Baccalaureate sermon)8
  • 1926: Reverend Alphonse M. Schwitalla, S.J.9
  • 1927: Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S.J. (Baccalaureate sermon)11
  • 1927: Very Rev. Wm. P. Barr, C.M.V.11
  • 1928: Rev. Francis C. Kelley, DD., Bishop of Oklahoma; former president Extension Society1
  • 1929: George F. Zook, Ph.D., President of the University of Akron1


  • 1930: Rev. Russell Wilbur of Notre Dame Parish1
  • 1931: Reverend J. J. Gunn, C.Ss.R. (Baccalaureate sermon)
  • 1931: Very Rev. Francis V. Corcoran, C.M., president of De Paul University1
  • 1932: Rev. William J. Ryan, S.J. (Baccalaureate sermon)1
  • 1932: Dr. R. Emmet Kane, M.D.1
  • 1933: Very Rev. William M. Magee, S.J. (Baccalaureate sermon)1
  • 1933: Honorable Forrest C. Donnell and Dr. George F. Donovan1
  • 1934: Honorable William L. Igoe, President, Board of Police Commissioners of St. Louis1
  • 1935: Dr. R. Emmet Kane, member, Advisory Board of Webster College1
  • 1936: Rev. Martin J. O’Malley1
  • 1937: Rev. A. M. Keefe, O. Praem1
  • 1938: Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S.J., national organizer of the Sodality of Our Lady and editor of The Queen’s Work (Baccalaureate sermon)1
  • 1938: Robert E. Quinn, Governor of Rhode Island1
  • 1939: Very Rev. Michael J. O’Connell, C.M., president of De Paul University (Baccalaureate sermon)1


  • 1940: Most Rev. Joseph E. Ritter, D.D., Bishop of Indianapolis (Baccalaureate sermon)1
  • 1940: Honorable Francis Parnell Murphy, Governor of New Hampshire1
  • 1941: The Reverend Charles M. O’Hara, S.J., Regent of the St. Louis University School of Education and Social Sciences (Baccalaureate sermon)
  • 1941: The Reverend Edward B. Rooney, S.J., Executive Director, Jesuit Educational Association
  • 1942: Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S.J. A.M., national director of The Sodality of Our Lady and editor of “The Queen’s Work” (Baccalaureate sermon)1
  • 1942: William B. Lytton, M.D., Clinical Director, St. Vincent’s Sanitatrium, St. Louis, Missouri1
  • 1943: Most Rev. Edwin V. O’Hara, Bishop of Kansas City, Missouri1
  • 1944: Dean Clarence Manion of the University of Notre Dame Law School1
  • 1945: Reverend Monsignor Peter J. Dooley, V.F., Archbishop of Dubuque (Baccalaureate sermon)
  • 1945: Reverend Francis J. L. Beckman, Archbishop of Dubuque (address to graduates)
  • 1946: Michael F. Manley, A.M., Instructor in Philosophy (summer commencement ceremony)
  • 1947: Reverend Philip J. Le Fevre, C.M., A.M., Instructor in Philosophy (summer commencement ceremony)
  • 1948: Reverend Albert R. Zuroweste, D.D., Bishop of Belleville
  • 1949: Reverend Gilmore H. Guyot, C.M., Professor of Sacred Scripture at Kenrick Seminary (Mid-term ceremony, Jan. 31, 1949)12
  • 1949: Reverend Paul A. Woelfl, S.J. (Baccalaureate sermon)13
  • 1949: Reverend Leo R. Ward, C.S.C., Ph.D., Professor Philosophy, University of Notre Dame


  • 1950: Reverend Daniel A. Lord, S.J., A.M. Litt.D., National Organizer of the Sodality of Our Lady
  • 1951: Mr. Raymond R. Tucker, Director of Civil Defense for St. Louis
  • 1952: Reverend George J. Gottwald (Baccalaureate sermon)1
  • 1953: Reverend Elmer H. Behrmann (Baccalaureate sermon)1
  • 1953: Dr. Thomas A. Brady, vice-president of the University of Missouri1
  • 1954: Reverend Nicholas Persich, C.M. (Baccalaureate sermon)
  • 1954: Reverend John Bonn, S.J., Professor, Fairfield University Graduate School
  • 1955: Reverend Francis J. Matthews (Baccalaureate sermon)1
  • 1955: Reverend Walter J. Ong, S.J.1
  • 1956: Reverend Columba Cary-Elwes, O.S.B., Superior, Saint Louis Priory1
  • 1957: Reverend Robert F. Coerver, C.M., of Kenrick Seminary (Baccalaureate sermon)1
  • 1957: Dr. Gabriel L. Rapatz, University of Wisconsin, former head of Webster biology department 1
  • 1958: Reverend Monsignor Leonard A. Bauer (Baccalaureate sermon)
  • 1958: H.W. Schooling, Ph.D., Superintendent of Webster Groves Schools
  • 1959: Reverend Thomas C. Glynn (Baccalaureate sermon)
  • 1959: J. Wesley McAfee, President of Union Electric Company


  • 1960: Reverend Monsignor Joseph H. Huels (Baccalaureate sermon)
  • 1960: Reverend Trafford Patrick Maher, S.J., Ph.D., Director of Dep. of Education, Saint Louis University
  • 1961: Very Reverend Gerard N. Glynn (Baccalaureate sermon)1
  • 1961: Dr. Robert E. Christin, Department of English, Notre Dame University1
  • 1962: Reverend William J. Cole (Baccalaureate sermon)
  • 1962: Dr. Francis V. Lloyd, Superintendent of Clayton Public Schools System
  • 1963: Reverend James J. Haggerty
  • 1963: Dr. Vernon R. Alden, President, Ohio University
  • 1964: Elizabeth Paschal, Associate Program Director, Education Division, The Ford Foundation
  • 1964: Reverend Vincent J. O’Flaherty, S.J. (Baccalaureate sermon)
  • 1965: Reverend Donald E. Damhorst, Ph.D. (Baccalaureate sermon)
  • 1965: Dr. Bennetta B. Washington, Director, Women’s Job Corps Centers
  • 1966: Reverend John W. Padberg, S.J., S.T.L., Ph.D. (Baccalaureate sermon)
  • 1966: Sister M. Francetta Barberis, President Emeritus of Webster College, Special Consultant to the Director, Women’s Job Corps Centers
  • 1967: Dr. Carl E. Pitts (Baccalaureate sermon)
  • 1967: Reverend Daniel Berrigan, author and poet
  • 1968: Reverend George L. Cadigan, D.D. Episcopal Bishop of the Diocese of Eastern Missouri (Baccalaureate sermon)
  • 1968: Mr. Harris Wofford, President, State University of New York
  • 1969: Dr. Walter A. Brueggemann, Eden Theological Seminary (Baccalaureate sermon)
  • 1969: Mrs. Philip A. Hart


  • 1970: John C. Danforth, Attorney General, State of Missouri
  • 1971: Dr. Leigh Gerdine, President, Webster College
  • 1971 (July): Arthur L. Mallory
  • 1972: Art Buchwald
  • 1973: Dr. Vary T. Coates
  • 1973 (July): Gene L. Schwilck
  • 1974: Dr. Daniel Bell
  • 1974 (July): Kathryn Nelson
  • 1975: Marsha Mason, actress ‘64
  • 1975 (July): James Stone
  • 1976: Dr. Joseph P. Kelly, Vice-President, Webster College
  • 1976 (July): Robert E. Wentz, Superintendent of St. Louis Public Schools
  • 1977: Lesley Stahl, journalist
  • 1977 (July): Francis Gamelin
  • 1978: Rollo May
  • 1978 (July): Barbara Uehling, Chancellor, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • 1979: Margaret Bush Wilson, attorney and Chairman of the NAACP Board of Directors
  • 1979 (July): James O’Flynn, president of the St. Louis Regional Commerce and Growth Association


  • 1980: Clifford M. Hardin, former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture
  • 1980 (July): Ernest Boyer
  • 1981: John W. Hanley, Chairman of Monsanto Co.
  • 1981 (July): William L. Hungate
  • 1982: Peter Davis, television producer and author
  • 1982 (July): Arthur Mallory, Commissioner of Education for Missouri
  • 1983: Douglas Edwards, broadcast journalist
  • 1983 (second May ceremony): George H. Walker III, Chief Executive Officer, Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., Inc.
  • 1983 (July): Adelaide Dorsey Tomber, member of the Coordinating Board for Higher Education
  • 1984: Dr. Raoul F. Kneucker
  • 1984 (July): Jeff Greenfield, television news analyst and syndicated political columnist
  • 1985: Sandi Freeman
  • 1986: Henry Cisneros, Mayor, San Antonio, Texas
  • 1987: Brian P. Lamb, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, C-SPAN, America’s Network
  • 1988: Ambassador Alan Woods, Administrator, Agency for International Development
  • 1989: Marion G. Cairns, Member, Missouri General Assembly, 97th Legislative District


  • 1990: Dr. Leigh Gerdine, President, Webster University
  • 1991: Senator Thomas F. Eagleton
  • 1992: William H. Donaldson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, New York Stock Exchange
  • 1993: Richard Gephardt, U.S. Congressman – Third District of Missouri (Anatoly Sobchak, Mayor of Saint Petersburg, Russia, was originally scheduled to give the address but had to cancel.)
  • 1994: Jack Buck, Sports Director, KMOX/CBS Radio
  • 1995: President Richard S. Meyers, Webster University
  • 1996: Lieutenant Colonel Eileen M. Collins, NASA Astronaut and Space Shuttle Pilot
  • 1997: Marsha Mason, actress ‘64
  • 1998: Richard A. Liddy
  • 1999: President George H. W. Bush


  • 2000: James Buford, President and CEO, the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis
  • 2001: James W. Symington, Former U.S. Congressman from Missouri and White House Official
  • 2002: Roger W. Ferguson, Jr., Vice Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System; Bob Costas, Sportscaster, NBC (2 speakers)
  • 2003: Captain D. Michael Abrashoff, CEO of Grassroots Leadership, Inc.
  • 2004: Paul M. Kennedy, J. Richardson Dilworth professor of History and director of International Security Studies at Yale University; George Herbert Walker III (2 speakers)
  • 2005: Consuelo Uribe Wise Gallagher, Webster U. faculty emeritus; Jerry Mitchell, choreographer; Marylen Mann, Chairman of OASIS Institute (3 speakers)
  • 2006: Mayor Francis G. Slay, City of St. Louis
  • 2007: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker, United States House of Representatives
  • 2008: J. Robert Kerrey, President, The New School
  • 2009: Rocky Carroll, actor, ’85


  • 2010: Lt. Col. Gregory D. Gadson, ’01
  • 2011: Senator Christopher “Kit” Bond
  • 2012: Anne W. Patterson, U.S. Ambassador to Egypt
  • 2013: Norbert Leo Butz, actor '90
  • 2014: Koko Tanimoto Kondo, Hiroshima survivor and peace activist
  • 2015: Jenifer Lewis, actress '79
  • 2016: Jim Weddle, CEO, Edward Jones
  • 2017: Gen. Paul J. Selva, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • 2018: Michael P. McMillan, head of the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis
  • 2019: Katy Sullivan, actress, producer, writer, athlete '02


  • 2020: Vladimir Ivkovic, neuroscientist, '99
  • 2021: Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Olympic athlete and medalist
  • 2022: Dr. Djibril Diallo, president and CEO of the African Renaissance and Diaspora Network (ARDN)
  • 2023: Matthew Vogel, actor and muppeteer, '93


Unless noted otherwise, speakers' names were gathered from Commencement programs.

1 For these years, speakers' names were found in the student newspaper.

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