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Environmental Missouri, Issues and Sustainability: What You Need to Know by Don Corrigan

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About the Book

Environmental Missouri is the first comprehensive guide to local and state environmental issues involving the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land we inhabit in the Show-Me State. It examines such issues as urban sprawl, polluted streams, radioactive waste, lead contamination, airborne mercury, ozone and smog, noise and light pollution. The book raises questions about wildlife issues: What's with the Asian Carp taking over our rivers? Why are the bees disappearing? When will the Ozark Hellbender revive and thrive?


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About the Author

Don Corrigan is a longtime journalism educator at Webster University, a well-known weekly newspaper editor, and the author of noted outdoor and environmental books. His work as director of the Outdoor/Environmental Journalism Certificate at Webster University has garnered recognition from the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) and a distinguished achievement award from the Great Rivers Environmental Law Center. He is also the author of Show Me . . . Natural Wonders and Show Me . . . Nature's Wrath: Tornadoes, Floods, Ice Storms, and Other Natural Disasters.


Early Reviews of Environmental Missouri

"Don Corrigan manages to pack credibility, a little snark, a few gripes, many constructive solutions, and a lot of environmental science, history, and journalism into Environmental Missouri. Its value as a guidebook for students, teachers, journalists, policymakers, and ordinary citizens is self-evident. As far as Missouri's environment is concerned, consider the Show-Me State to be well shown, thanks to Corrigan. I just wish there were forty-nine more books like it for the rest of us who don't live in Missouri." —Peter Dykstra, Publisher, EnvironmentalHealthNews.org and DailyClimate.org


"A remarkable collection of captivating environmental topics, which are treated with superb writing and which make for a must-have book. Don Corrigan's excellent reporting on a variety of subjects, which is bound to catch your attention, will lead you to many interesting discussions on crucial issues. Make yourself aware of environmental issues affecting all of us in some way. Environmental Missouri—it really is what you need to read now." —Scott Avetta, President, Missouri Nature & Environmental Photographers (MoNEP), Educator


"Professor Corrigan's book shows the breadth of environmental afflictions that have stricken Missouri over recent decades. In reading about how Missourians have responded, we are challenged to redouble our current efforts to match the depth of today's threats to the environment, as well as the threats to the harmony of humans and ecosystems." —Jim Turner, Missouri Chapter Chair, Sierra Club


"Environmental Missouri is an essential reader for all who are concerned about the health and sustainability of human community in the region. Don Corrigan broadly surveys the range of our modern environmental degradations while introducing a host of engaged individuals who show us both how we depend on our environment and how we can care for it­­­­—well-researched, it is at the same time fluid and highly readable." —David Lobbig, Curator of Environmental Life, Missouri History Museum


"Don Corrigan has written an incredibly important book that succeeds in describing many of our state's most complicated conservation issues in a very approachable way. All Missourians who care about the incredible natural resources of our great state should read Don's book in order to understand the challenges we face, and the work that needs to be accomplished. Don's history of covering environmental issues in Missouri gives his work great depth and provides important context for all those who work on environmental advocacy in the state of Missouri and beyond." —Patricia Hagen, PhD, Executive Director / Vice President, Audubon Missouri


"Environmental Missouri is an enjoyable read packed full of great information and insights on Missouri's greatest environmental challenges. The author takes us on a journey through those issues in a way that is really easy to read. I especially liked the chapter ending expert Q &A's. Whether you are an environmentalist or just someone trying to get a handle on Missouri's natural world, I highly recommend reading this book." —Larry Lazar, Citizen Advocate, Natural Resource Defense Council


"The environmental movement has needed a book like Environmental Missouri for a long time. Today, the environmental movement has fractured into a whole host of issues making it tough to keep track of each. Don Corrigan does a fantastic job presenting an even-handed and relevant introduction to these present day environmental issues. This is a must read for anyone interested in breathing fresh air, drinking clean water, and protecting the plants and animals that live in this world." —Richard Thoma, President, Webster Groves Nature Study Society


"Don Corrigan has produced an easily navigated primer of brief, but comprehensive, explanations of the major environmental issues facing Missouri and the rest of the nation, fit for use as a jumping-off point for environment reporting students or the general public." —Mark Schleifstein, Environment Reporter, NOLA.com / The Times-Picayune


"Don Corrigan's Environmental Missouri provides a comprehensive overview of the most pressing environmental challenges at play in the region. This book provides an important historic and geographic context that links our past, present and future environmental conditions. Its contents enable a greater understanding of the stakeholders, events and situations that local and regional environmental health advocates face on a daily basis. Interviews with local leaders and activists follow each chapter, adding a journalistic bent that brings diverse insider perspectives to the story. Environmental Missouri serves as an introduction and reference to those new to the environmental scene or new to the region, as it provides a valuable context that anchors work in Missouri's environmental sustainability sector." --Cassandra P. Hage, Executive Director, St. Louis Earth Day


"With perspective and facts, these essays lay out a broad range of environmental issues, specific to Missouri and also common in today's society overall. Understanding such problems contributes to both envisioning and enacting sustainable solutions, the alternatives needed to shift this issue-intensive status in our time--and for our planetary future." --Jean Ponzi, St. Louis Environmental Educator and Advocate


"Don Corrigan has put together a menu of daunting issues that still need solutions, with choices we still must make, and debates we all need to have. Today's environmental, energy, and climate challenges need knowledgeable and committed citizens to meet them. Citizens who understand the facts, the costs, the opportunities, and aren't afraid to debate, choose, and act—and demand action. No better introduction to that than Don's book, and no better place and people than the Show Me State to make it happen." —General (Ret.) Ron Keys, CNA Military Advisory Board Member, DOD Energy Security and Climate Change


"Here is a finely-crafted book in which serious issues are treated by Don Corrigan with a storytelling format that grabs the reader's attention. I read Environmental Missouri as both a concerned citizen and as a teacher. As a teacher and education consultant, my hope is that in the near future, we will see environmental education as an important part of curriculum in every school district—and this book is a good start to make that happen. Environmental Missouri motivates me, a concerned citizen, to get involved in local organizations addressing problems that should concern everybody." —Beth Knoedelseder, Educator, Ladue School District


"Don Corrigan's latest book, Environmental Missouri, is a terrific snapshot of the myriad environmental issues facing the state. With this publication, Don has taken his gift for teaching environmental journalism -- and inspiring students like me to become environmental journalists -- to a much broader audience. The mosquito spaying chapter especially resonated, bringing back childhood memories of growing up in St. Louis County in the 1970s and running through the spray with friends on summer evenings, pretending we were in thick jungle fog. Corrigan's work highlights the remaining problems but also serves as a positive reminder of the progress made in the Show Me State." —Dawn Reeves, Senior Correspondent, Inside EPA


"Environmental Missouri is a thorough, informative resource and a must-read for audiences interested in environmental issues, how climate change impacts daily life, and all fans of the Show-Me-State's history. Don Corrigan's passion for educating on environmental issues is evident and continues to inspire my own personal environmental efforts." —Andrea Harper, Coordinator, St. Louis Green, Inc.


"Informed by years of up-close observation as a newspaper reporter and editor, Don Corrigan has created a comprehensive primer on environmental issues affecting our region. Missouri truly has all the environmental issues, from A to Z, and Corrigan concisely digests them in this book, from river management issues to urban-suburban sprawl to industrial wastes and lifestyle decisions. He pulls no punches describing the negative, sometimes disastrous impacts of our environmental sins, but Corrigan also highlights solutions and positive trends in education, sustainable lifestyles, river cleanup efforts and even green burials. Environmental educators and citizens who want to be well informed on Missouri environmental issues will want to read this book." —Emery Styron, Editor and Publisher, River Hills Traveler