Hardware Locations

Windows-based computers

All computers in the library are Windows-based computers with the exception of the Cyber Café computers 213-216.


Input/output device Location
DVD+/-RW1, Burn data onto DVDs or CDs, backup large amounts of data and images to DVDs and CDs. All computers
Headphones All eCommons, All Café
Headphones with microphones Café 205, Listening/Viewing 131-2
Flatbed document/image scanner with Automatic document feeder with transparent materials adapter for slide/35mm film Listening/viewing 131-2
Flatbed scanner Café 207, 208
eCommons 201, 206,
Lower level 010



Mac computers

The library has four Mac computers which are located in the Cyber Café, computers 213, 214, 215 and 216.



Input/output device Location
DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW Drives Café 213-216
Flatbed scanner Café 216