New York Times Readership Program 


Webster University's Student Government Association provides free online access to current students, faculty and staff. The current Crossword Puzzle and Epicurious access are not a part of this program.

To create your complimentary New York Times account and activate your access*:

1. Visit

2. Type "Webster University" in the Find School... search box

3. Create an account using your email 

4. Download your free NYT mobile app or access via

*Students, Faculty and Staff with Vienna as their primary service location should contact the Webster Vienna Library to receive access.



Existing Faculty/Staff Account holders information:

As of 2021, The New York Times provides new faculty/staff members academic passes valid for 4 years instead of 364 days. Existing registered subscribers receive the new 4-year validation upon renewing their expired academic passes. 

Faculty and Staff members will need to renew their pass and the new membership will extend for 4 years. 

As an existing pass subscriber:

1. Visit 

2. Type in "Webster University" 

3. Click on Already have an account? Log in here

4. Input email address and the same password created for your previous account