Citation styles

Citation styles

Please ask your instructor which citation style to use for your paper or project.


Information on selected styles:

Is there a computer program that will help me cite my sources?

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Mendeley is a citation manager that allows users to organize PDFs and citations, create bibliographies and in-text citations, collaborate with colleagues or classmates, and more. ( Anyone may register for a free Mendeley account. Webster University users get more storage space and group options via our Institutional Edition subscription. Make sure to sign up with your Webster email address. For more information on set up and functions, please visit the library's research guide:


What is a citation?


Citation is a way of acknowledging your sources of information through a combination of references and a list of works cited. Not properly citing information is considered plagiarism.


How do I cite the library's online databases?


Some citation guides ask you to provide a URL for certain resources . The URL for each of the library's databases can be found on our Alphabetical list of databases page.