Information for Remote Researchers from the Webster University Archives

The Webster University Archives will work with researchers who live at a distance, especially those who reside in another state or country. Please read our copying policies carefully as the same restrictions apply to remote researchers.


We recommend you first consult the select list of collection descriptions we have available, as well as information on the history of the university. These pages will give you a good idea about what materials might be available for research. Note, however, that the list of descriptions is not complete. You will want to consult with the archives staff to see if additional materials might be held by the archives.


Normally, we will inform you of materials that might be relevant to your needs and come to an agreement with you as to any fees involved or arrangements to be made. In most cases, prepayment will be required and checks should be made payable to the "Webster University Library".


Staff resources are limited; there are no staff assigned to the Archives on a full-time basis. We will work with you to meet your research needs as much as our other responsibilities will allow.