Webster Seal

 Webster University seal

To celebrate its 100th commencement in 2019, Webster University held a contest to select a new university seal. The winner was Sarah Lafser, who graduated from the Webster University School of Communications with a BA in Animation in 2015.


Lafser's design retains elements of the older seal (below right) but emphasizes the university's global presence. She states: "Due to that global commitment, I incorporated the globe into the seal design...I also modernized the seal by adding the 'W' associated with Webster and its logo...The 'W" stretches across the globe, representing the international campuses. I included the laurels both as a reminder for growth and to represent achievement." ("New Webster University seal unveiled with 100th commencement").


Webster seal created in 1996




The previous seal appeared in 1996. It retained a number of elements present in previous versions, such as the crown and location of the home campus.


One of the oldest versions of the seal is found in Webster's very first yearbook, the Lauretanum, published in 1924. Founded as Loretto College in 1915 and renamed Webster College in 1924, the institution was owned and operated as a Catholic college by the Sisters of Loretto until 1967. The seal shown below reflects the college's religious heritage and the design remained largely unchanged until the 1980s.


Notice the date of 1916 on the seal. While the college was formally begun in 1915, the administration building (now called Webster Hall) was not yet completed. Classes for that first academic year of 1915-1916 were held at the Loretto Academy in Kansas City. The St. Louis campus opened in September 1916. Through the years, some versions of the seal have included 1915 and some 1916.

seal from 1924 yearbook




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