Webster University was founded in part to provide Catholic higher education to women who in the early 1900s were excluded from many Catholic universities. By the 1960s, many Catholic universities were now open to women and men had begun to express an interest in Webster's fine arts programs. Thus in 1962, Webster began a gradual transformation from a women's college to a coeducational institution.


Several significant events and milestones occurred during the transition:


  • 1962: The first male student at Webster took courses during the summer of 1962. Initially males were only allowed to take courses in art, music, and theatre. The remaining courses (e.g. general education) had to be taken at another institution, such as St. Louis University.
  • 1964: Men majoring in fine arts were allowed to take all of their courses at Webster beginning in January 1964.
  • 1964: The first male students graduate from Webster.
  • 1965: The Webster College Board of Trustees voted on November 19, 1965 to recommend that the college move ahead gradually toward coeducation.
  • 1968: Men were admitted to all programs starting in Fall 1968.

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