Jacqueline Grennan Wexler: Selected writings and speeches

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Transfer to a lay board, 1967

Webster College was the first Catholic college ever to transfer ownership from a Catholic order to a lay board. Below are some of the key documents related to this change.

  • Convocation talk, November 21, 1966. full-text
  • Announcement to faculty and students of Webster College re transfer, January 11, 1967 full-text

Request for dispensation from juridical vows

At the same time Webster College was transitioning to a secular institution, Jacqueline decided to request that she be released from her vows. Below are her requests:

  • Letter to His Eminence, Joseph Cardinal Ritter, January 2, 1967. full-text
  • Letter to Sister Mary Luke Tobin (Superior General of the Sisters of Loretto), January 2, 1967. full-text

Letter of resignation

Jacqueline shared the news of her resignation and her upcoming wedding after almost four years as Webster College president:


  • "The power of authority in an open world", Commencement Address, Colorado College, May 29, 1967. full-text
  • "Due process: College and civil jurisdiction", Convocation address, Webster College, September 9, 1968. full-text
  • "Problems of permissiveness", Commencement address, Skidmore College, June 4, 1967. full-text
  • "Voice and the college community", Convocation address, Webster College, September 13, 1965. full-text

Educational philosophy and higher education

  • "Can the academic world seek the living God?", Vassar College, December 4, 1967. full-text
  • "The commitment of Webster College", March 29, 1968. full-text
  • "Crisis and commitment in the education of a Catholic", address to the Dean's Assembly, Webster College, November 4, 1963. full-text
  • "Higher education and the moral revolution", American Council on Education address, October 8, 1965. full-text
  • "'Liberal learning' at Webster College", January 8, 1968. full-text
  • "On institutionalizing the Hawthorne effect", Conference on Innovation in Higher Education, Albany, NY, June 18-29, 1967. full-text
  • "A time for pragmatism, passion, and promise", Washington University, February 12-13, 1969. full-text
  • "To be segregated is to be deprived", Magazine Industry Seminar, Harvard Business School, July 2, 1964. full-text
  • "Values—Morals or masks?", West Virginia University, March 26, 1967. full-text

Women in society

  • Second Century Commitment Civic Banquet, Denver, CO, January 30, 1965 (address on the future to the Sisters of Loretto). full-text
  • "Education of women at Webster" full-text
  • "Role playing or playing with roles", University of Missouri--Columbia, October 10, 1967. full-text