Marsha Mason Biography

Color photograph, headshot of Marsha MasonMarsha Mason (April 3, 1942- ) was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She attended Nerinx Hall and Webster College (now Webster University), graduating in 1964.


Marsha's theatre career at Webster included a variety of roles and production responsibilities. She was also a member of Theatre Impact, a summer stock company sponsored by the college which performed outdoors in the neighboring suburb of Kirkwood.


Marsha moved to New York after graduation and made her film debut in Hot Rod Hullabaloo in 1966. She later made her first Broadway appearance in Cactus Flower in 1968.


Marsha is perhaps best known for her roles in the works of author Neil Simon. Her performances in The Goodbye Girl, Chapter Two, and Only When I Laugh all earned her Academy Award nominations (in addition to the earlier film Cinderella Liberty).


Marsha has received numerous honors throughout her career, including lifetime achievement awards and an honorary doctorate from her alma mater, Webster University.