The creation of this website was possible only because of the efforts of many people. We appreciate and thank each and every one of them. The story began when Dr. Rick Billstein, a professor at the University of Montana, ran across a number of old films from the Madison Project and recognized their historical value.


Aware of her relationship with Webster University, Rick sent the films to Joan Barrett. Joan, a Webster alumnus, contacted Anna Barbara Sakurai, who was an influential member at Webster for many years. Anna Barbara and Joan transferred the films to our care. Joan, who was actually present for much of the filming, was very helpful in providing information on the people involved in the Madison Project.


We also worked with Kathy Gaynor, custodian of Webster’s historical relics, to add the films to the university’s collection of other Madison Project materials that had been curated. Kathy was a tremendous resource throughout the process and authored the section on Webster College.


Funds from a Webster University faculty grant covered the cost of preserving and digitizing several of the films.


Through research, we found numerous references to the Madison Project and its significance to K-12 math education. In particular, Steven M. Schulman’s dissertation, What was the Madison Project?, was an excellent source of useful information, including specific references to the films. His work included extensive interviews with contributors to the Madison Project and this website includes many quotes from those interviews.


We also appreciate the help of Webster faculty members Andrea Rothbart and Ed Sakurai, who provided first-hand accounts of the exciting environment at Webster College when Sister Jacqueline was president.


Finally, we would like to thank our website designer, Dan Bauman. He is a gifted young man who brought his enthusiasm, technical knowledge and writing talent to the job, making this site a reality.


Carol Schwab and Al Cawns
Department of Math and Computer Science
Webster University


Dear Reader,


As you might have noticed, mentions of Carol and Al are mysteriously absent from the above post. Yet without their hard work, research and enthusiasm, this entire pursuit would never have happened. Carol and Al committed themselves to this project and worked far longer and harder than I ever did to make it a reality. Every word you read and film you watch on this site is because of them. So if I may be so bold, on behalf of everyone, thank you Al and Carol for bringing the Madison Project to us. To be a part of this website project has been a privilege. But to learn from it is a blessing.


Dan Bauman
Webster University, BA ’14