Student Vaudeville ("vodvil") at Webster

What may have been the first vaudeville at Webster was given in April 1925 ("Sophomores to present vaudeville", 1925). A later article called it "the first time a non-classical production has been given by the college students for the public" ("Sophomore Vaudeville", 1925, p. 2). Vodvil, as the event came to be called, was used as a fundraiser for the Lauretanum, the student yearbook. Proceeds from the 1935 Vodvil were over $400, an impressive amount in the midst of the Great Depression. ("Students to give Webster Vodvil Nov. 12, 13 & 14", 1936)


The last Vodvil may have been its largest. Performed in 1940, "Revue in Silver" celebrated the 25th anniversary of the college and included students from Loretto Academy and Nerinx Hall as well as a number of alumnae. ("Websterites to produce Revue in Silver for Jubilee", 1940.)


The Vodvil was discontinued for a number of years, most likely due to World War II, and was subsequently replaced by the school musicale in 1945. ("Assembly elects co-chairmen for student musical", 1945).



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