Harry James Cargas Papers--Processing Notes

Eileen Simon, a former Webster University librarian and archivist, created a preliminary outline which divided the collection into three main series:


  • Series I: Personal Correspondence
  • Series II: Writings
  • Series III: Research


Upon further examination of the collection, Kathy Gaynor (University Archivist) modified the outline as follows:


  • Series I: Personal Correspondence
  • Series II: Published Writings and Appearances
  • Series III: Research and Unpublished Projects
  • Series IV: Professional Activities
  • Series V: University Activities
  • Series VI: Personal and Miscellaneous
  • Series VII: Images and Media


Most of the published writings, which make up the bulk of the collection, have been left in their original order: filed by year and then type of publication (e.g. articles, columns, reviews, etc.). One exception was made to further subdivide columns by name of publication (e.g. year--columns--publication name).