Harry James Cargas Papers: Collection/Series Outline


Series I: Personal correspondence

Subseries I: Individuals A-Z

Subseries II: Miscellaneous topics


Series II: Published writings and appearances

Subseries I: Books (including forwards, chapters, etc.) & pamphlets (including correspondence and related items)

Subseries II: Book Reviews (and reviews of other media)

Subseries III: Periodical articles (Columns, articles, editorials, letters to the editor, etc.)

Subseries IV: Interviews

Subseries V: Appearances (texts, related publicity, correspondence)

Subseries VI: Radio commentaries


Series III: Research and unpublished projects (restricted access)

Subseries I: Interviews

Subseries II: Research Projects (all research notes, published and unpublished)

Subseries III: Miscellaneous manuscripts


Series IV: Professional activities

Includes documents related to Cargas' service on journal editorial boards, involvement in professional organizations, and membership on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council.


Series V: University activities

Subseries I: Course evaluations

Subseries II: Correspondence

Subseries III: Department reports

Subseries IV: Course materials

Subseries V: University recognition and awards


Series VI: Personal and miscellaneous

Subseries I: Resumes, etc.

Subseries II: Identification cards

Subseries III: Personal/Family

Subseries IV: Articles about/Quoting Harry James Cargas

Subseries V: Hate letters


Series VII: Images and media