Harry James Cargas Honors, Awards, and Career Highlights


  • 1980: Appointed by President Carter to the first U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council
  • 1980: Micah Award, American Jewish Committee, St. Louis Chapter
  • 1980: Human Rights Award, United Nations Association of Greater St. Louis
  • 1983: First Catholic ever appointed to the International Council of Yad Vashem
  • 1985: Eternal Flame Award, Anne Frank Institute (now the Philadelphia Center on the Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights)
  • 1988: Tree of Life Award, Jewish National Fund of St. Louis (5,000 trees were planted near Jerusalem in what is named the Harry James Cargas Parkland)
  • 1989: Righteous Person Award, Temple Beth-El, Far Rockaway (NY)
  • 1993: Elijah P. Lovejoy Award, Elijah P. Lovejoy Society (MO)
  • 1994: Faithful Service Certificate, Institute for Peace & Justice
  • 1994: "Good Guys" Award, Metro St. Louis Women's Political Caucus
  • Honorary Doctor's Degree, Clinton Junior College (South Carolina)


Webster University:


  • 1982: Wilma and Roswell Messing Jr. Faculty Award
  • 1996: William T. Kemper Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • 1997: Declaration of Merit Award