Plymouth Building

Black and white photograph of Plymouth building taken from high viewpointThe Plymouth building, located at Plymouth and Lockwood in Webster Groves, was the site of the university's original gymnasium called "Idle Hour". The property was sold to the Webster Groves School District in 1945. The school district eventually built and operated a junior high school on the location. Webster University (Webster College at that time) leased the building from the school district in August 1978. Webster attempted to buy the property through the years, but its final offer of $725,000 was rejected in 1984. That year Cordage Mill Development Co. bought the property for $1,016,100. It subsequently demolished the building in the fall of 1985 and built the Ashford condominiums.


Webster made extensive use of the building during its lease. Plymouth housed the art, language and literature, and dance departments. The Cecille R. Hunt Art Gallery opened on March 23, 1983. A student union opened on April 9, 1984, on the first floor. The gym was renovated for the new athletic department in 1984. Management classes met there at night. In addition, university services such as admissions, financial aid, academic advising, and student services were located at Plymouth.



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