Parking Garage (Garden Park Plaza) | Webster University Library

Parking Garage (Garden Park Plaza)

Color photograph of the exterior of the Parking Garage on Garden AvenueAddress: 568 Garden Ave.


In the early years of Webster, few students owned cars. A streetcar stopped in front of Webster Hall on Lockwood Avenue and provided convenient service for the "dayhops" as commuter students were once called.


Enrollment at Webster increased steadily over time. The commuter population also grew and more students owned cars. Like many universities, Webster experienced an increased demand for parking.


The decision to build a parking garage was connected to another decision—the move to build a library on the main campus. Since the site of the future Emerson Library included a parking lot along Edgar Road, the university had to replace those lost spots. The new parking lot opened the last week in September, 2001, about a month before ground was broken for the new library. The structure cost approximately $6.5 million and provided 675 parking spaces.


The garage was expanded to add 550 more parking spots. The new section of the garage opened on May 2, 2017.



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