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Maria Hall

A color photo of Maria Hall, a five-story student dormitory made of yellow brick.

Webster University made the decision to construct a new dormitory almost 30 years after the first one, Loretto Hall, opened. According to a local newspaper, Maria Hall was designed by the architects A.F. and Arthur Stauder and built by Hankins Construction Company. ("Webster to dedicate residence hall", p. 10B.) The article went on to describe the dorm rooms as featuring "varied pastel colors, blond wood furniture, colorful leather upholstery, traverse draperies and adjoining tile baths."


Besides providing over 100 additional dorm rooms, the proposed building included plans for a large dining room which could accommodate the residents and day students (commuters) at the same time, something not possible in Loretto Hall. The new building also provided additional storage and office areas as well as a recreational area.


A contest to select a name for the new building was announced in the student newspaper in 1957 and students and faculty were invited to participate ("President reveals name-the-wing contest"). The only restriction was that the building could not be named after Father Nerinckx, founder of the Sisters of Loretto, the religious order that established Webster in 1915. The administration wanted to avoid confusion with nearby Nerinx Hall. The name Maria Hall was chosen in spring 1958 ("New wing named Maria Hall").


Maria Hall opened in the fall of 1959. A dedication ceremony was held on November 15, 1959 and included an address by Archbishop Joseph Ritter of St. Louis.



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