Loretto Hall

Photograph of Loretto HallGround broken: November 1, 1927

Opened: September 20, 1928

Public reception: February 17, 1929

Approximate cost: $300,000

Architect: Henry P. Hess


Loretto Hall was designed to house about 200 students and a dozen nuns. Just inside the front entrance was a large lobby with smaller half-enclosed parlors on either side. A cafeteria was located on the ground floor as well as lockers for the commuter students and a recreation area.


A month after opening in September, 1928, the student newspaper ran an article which described the building's features, including the kitchenettes found on each floor: "The kitchen is large enough for two or three girls to make fudge and other dainties, while a sink, kitchen cabinet, gas stove, and table—all in the newest green—give the comforts of home." ("New Loretto Hall attractive in many features", p. 1).


Loretto Hall was closed from the summer of 1998 until the school year began in August 1999 and renovations were made to many of the student rooms. In October 2000, the student newspaper reported that part of the building would be transformed into office space (Piriankov, 2000). A number of offices moved into Loretto Hall in the first part of the decade. The building continued to function partially as a dormitory until the East and West Halls opened in 2006.



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