Idle Hour

The first gymnasium for Webster University was built in 1920 along Lockwood Avenue just west of campus. Nicknamed Idle Hour Gymnasium"Idle Hour", it was the sight of numerous parties, dances, and carnivals in addition to athletic events.


In the early 1940s, the Webster Groves School District began negotiating with Webster University to acquire the land on which the gymnasium sat. In 1945, the building was condemned and sold to the school district. Webster University received $16,482.00 for the property.


The school district took possession of the property in 1946 and used the building for storage for many years. Idle Hour was razed in 1959 and Plymouth Junior High School was built on the site.


A new gymnasium opened in 1947 on the grounds of Nerinx Hall and was shared by Nerinx and Webster University for many years.


The picture below shows Webster students roasting marshmallows in the fireplace located at one end of the Idle Hour gymnasium.

 Fireplace, Idle Hour Gymnasium


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