Cecille R. Hunt Gallery

Black and white photo of Cecille R Hunt, wearing pearlsThe Cecille R. Hunt Gallery opened on March 23, 1983. It was originally located in the Plymouth Building before moving to the Visual Arts Building in 1988.


 Cecille R. Hunt (1917-1981) was actively involved in the arts both in St. Louis and the Washington, D.C. area. In St. Louis, her activities included: founding of the Crestwood Arts Council; exhibit director of the Crestwood Metro Bank; and publicity and exhibit director of the Vincent Price Enterprises art collection when it was brought to the Sears Roebuck Company in Crestwood. When Cecille and her husband Walter J. Hunt moved to Washington, D.C. in 1967, Cecille Hunt served as exhibit director of the Washington and Lee Saving and Loan Co. and the Martha Washington Library in Alexandria, Virginia. The Cecille R. Hunt Memorial Award, an endowment fund at the Art Department, was established by Walter Hunt in 1982.





Cecil R Hunt Gallery


Today the Cecille R. Hunt Gallery exhibits a rich variety of work by Webster University students and faculty as well as regional, national, and international artists. 



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