Flyer Policy

Webster University Library aligns with University Student Handbook policy on the distribution of flyers. Current Webster or Eden Student organizations and/or departments may post flyers in the following areas of the library:

  • On one or both designated bulletin boards (directly to the right of the elevator on the first and second floor of the cyber-café).
  • Flyers for University events may be given to the staff at the first floor service desk to be displayed in the Edgar Rd entrance where library staff will post them if there is space.
  • 4”x 6” flyers may be placed on the tables in the first floor of the café and on the counter just to the left of the photocopier on the second floor of the café.  Advertising in these locations is limited to within one week of the advertised event. 

Webster University Library staff will remove and recycle flyers left anywhere else in the building and all expired flyers.  For more information on flyers on campus, please refer to the Student Handbook:


Revised 2/2023