Filming and Photographing in the Library


The library is pleased to support our students and faculty in their work. We will consider requests for student and faculty filming and photography projects in the library that meet the criteria below. At this time we cannot provide space for film or photography projects for commercial purposes or to anyone other than Webster and Eden students, faculty, and staff.


  • You must get permission to film or take photographs in the library. A request form is available at the 1st floor service and research service desks or in PDF format. Requests should be submitted two (2) full business days prior to the filming/photography date.
  • Only one crew is allowed in the library at a time, so please send in your requests early.
  • When you arrive for your shoot, you must check in at the library's first floor service desk. You will be given a signed approval sheet that must be posted in the location of your shoot.
  • Do not interfere with the use of the library by other library patrons.
  • Filming/photography/recording must take place during the library's open hours
  • All staff work areas, the Faculty Development Center and the balcony outside the Faculty Development Center, the roof, the restrooms, and any other areas not typically accessible by library users are not available for use.
  • Do not enter a study room, classroom or conference room that is occupied, unless this has been prearranged with the users of that room.
  • Do not film or take pictures of other library patrons without their permission. You must secure signed release statements from anyone you photograph or film.
  • Request permission to use any additional lighting.
  • Follow standard cable management practices, including taping down cables.
  • Do not move library furniture or equipment without permission.
  • Do not block stairwells, aisles, doorways or any other public areas.
  • Keep conversations and noise while taking the pictures or filming to a minimum. The lower level, third, and fourth floors are quiet floors.

Updated 8/2022, Library Management Team