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Reserve a Room or Space


 Library Conference Room 

Effective March 22, 2021 the Library Conference Room will be available for use as either a classroom or as a meeting place for Webster University Student organizations who wish to have an in-person meeting with no more than 10 people in attendance. 


Per the University Events and Gatherings policy student organization must register ALL intentional gatherings via


During the program, organizers must collect names, Webster ID numbers, and Webster emails of all those in attendance.  The organizers of any event with an in-person component must submit a final event attendance within 24 hours.  Failure to complete this report will result in inability to hold future gathering/events.


All gatherings/events shall comply with social distancing requirements and must comply with face covering requirements. 


Event organizers and participants are expected to clean and disinfect shared surfaces when using rooms on campus. 


No food or drink is allowed at these gatherings.  


If you would like to request the use of the Library Conference Room for either your classroom space or to hold your in-person event, please complete the Library Conference Room Reservation Request Form.     


eClassroom (Rm. 110)


The eClassroom will be used for library instruction only, and can accommodate 12 people. Contact your Library Liaison in order to schedule an instruction session for your class. 


Group Study Rooms



Group study rooms are unavailable.