eReserves Changes FAQ

eReserves Changes

To provide a more seamless experience for you and your students, we are moving eReserves to WorldClassRoom for Webster users or CAMS for Eden users.

Changes FAQ

Q: Why is this transition occurring?
A: For many years, not all Webster and Eden faculty had access to learning management systems, and Docutek eRes provided a place for faculty without access to post materials and links online. Now that both schools have learning management systems, it makes sense to leverage the capabilities of these systems to provide a one-stop-shopping experience for students and faculty.

Q: When will the transition take place?
A: We have already begun moving some courses to Webster's WorldClassRoom. Our goal is to complete the transition by the end of spring 2015.

Q: When will my courses be moved?
A: We will work with you to determine the optimal time to move your course. If you would like your course to be moved soon, please contact Greg Kettinger at or 314-246-7813.

Q: Why not continue to make Docutek eRes available for those faculty who prefer it?
A: There are significant software and hardware costs associated with maintaining the Docutek eRes system. In addition, the vendor has not updated the Docutek eRes software since 2009 and does not currently have any plans to put out a new release. For this reason it is not feasible to make it available indefinitely.

Q: Will the library still help with digitizing my materials and making them available online?
A: Yes! For assistance contact Greg Kettinger at or 314-246-7813.

Q: Once you set up my eReserves account and course, I always preferred to manage my own course page and documents. Is that still going to be an option?
A: Of course. You will be able to manage your course page in WorldClassRoom or CAMS, and this will include adding whatever documents or links you like.

Q: Will I still be able to transfer my materials from one term to the next?
A: Yes. Just contact Greg Kettinger at or 314-246-7813 for assistance.

Q: I relied on the Docutek eRes fax feature. Do WorldClassRoom and CAMS have a similar feature?
A: While WorldClassRoom and CAMS do not have a fax function, you may fax or scan and then email us documents, and we will help you post them.

Q: Where can I get more information about using WorldClassRoom?
A: Webster faculty may obtain information about using WorldClassRoom from the Online Learning Center web site or the Faculty Development Center training site.



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