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In-Library Reserves

Placing items on reserve

Faculty may place items on in-library reserve using either of the following methods:


  1. Submit your request 
  2. Submit a list of reserve items along with: faculty name, course title, course #, loan period (see below for examples of loan periods) to the 1st floor Service Desk.

General information:

  • Access Services staff process each course reserve request in the order received.
  • Requested items are usually ready to circulate within five working days.
  • Please submit each request as far in advance of each term's start as possible.
  • Materials remain on reserve for the duration of the current term.
  • Please contact the library if you wish to request that the materials remain on reserve longer than one term.
  • The library will not store instructors' personal copies for use in a future course so instructors must collect their personal copies at the end of the current term.


Materials for reserve may include:

  • Books shelved at the library
  • Personal copies owned by instructors
    Note: The library does not assume responsibility for loss or damage.
  • Reprints of articles or book chapters in compliance with copyright law
    See copyright and fair use guidelines for more information
  • Videos, DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, LPs 
    Listening/viewing rooms are available in the library

Materials that may not be on reserve are:

  • Books owned by other libraries
  • Reference books shelved at the library
  • Bound periodicals or individual periodicals shelved at the library

Loan periods

  • In library use only - 2 hour or 3 hour 
    Recommended for AV material
  • Check out: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, or 14 day(s)

Extending loan periods

Students requesting extended loan periods must submit an instructor's written authorization at the time of checkout.