eReserves FAQ

What if I forget my login information?

You can send an e-mail requesting a new user I.D. and password by clicking Docutek ERes Manager at the very bottom of the Docutek Welcome page. You'll receive the new login information by e-mail within 2 business day.

Is there a size-limit for articles?

Word and pdf documents should be 30 pages or less so that students with slower computer connections can more easily download the information. If the original document exceeds 30 pages, simply divide it into sets of 30 and label each posting part 1, part 2, etc. You can check the download time for each item by opening your course page, selecting the document tab, and clicking on the document title.

Is there a limit to the number of articles I can post?

You may post as many items as you like as long as Webster's Fair Use Policy is followed.

Will my students need a password to access my eReserves materials?

Yes. Each of your course pages must be protected by a password to comply with copyright law. This password will allow students to view the items posted on your course page. Use of this password should be limited to students currently enrolled in your class. It is important to include this student password on your syllabus or otherwise make it clear to the students.

Can I change the password my students use? Is there a benefit to this?

You can change the student password by opening your course page, selecting the Page Management tab, and clicking Course Reserves page Settings. Under Step 2, click on the password box and type in the whatever student password you'd like.

Who is able to view my eReserve course page?

Only those people to whom you've given the student password may view your Ereserve pages.

How do I post an article?

To upload a document to the eReserves server, either fax it to the dedicated server or select it from the files on your computer.

You may fax clean, clear photocopies to a special eReserves fax machine which will convert them to an electronic version. This can either be done by faxing the documents to the dedicated server, or by using the Docufax Direct feature. Fax Instructions:

Or Transfer files from your desktop, drive, or disk to the eReserves server and upload them to your course page.

What's the fastest way to post materials ?

One may post hard copy materials almost immediately by faxing them to the eReserve server, then uploading them to ones course page (see instructions above). Electronic files stored on ones desktop, drive, disk, etc, can also be uploaded and posted quickly.

If I don't have access to a scanner or fax machine, can the library post my materials?

Yes. Submit materials to Greg Kettinger's attention at Webster University Library. You may drop them off at the 1st floor service desk, mail them to Webster University Library, 470 E Lockwood Ave., St. Louis, MO, 63119, or e-mail electronic files to

How should I submit materials to the library?

Clearly photocopied materials submitted with complete bibliographic information can be posted more rapidly than those missing pages or citation information. Photocopies of the original should be made:

  1. one page at a time in portrait format (please do not lay the book on its side and copy two pages at one time.)
  2. single-sided
  3. as clearly as possible, without black edges and excessive marginalia
  4. Following these recommendations will prevent significant delays in the posting of your items.

If I must submit my materials to the library to be posted, how soon will they be available for my students?

Requests to post eReserves materials will usually be filled within 5 business days.

Can I add Internet links to my course page?

Yes. Adding a web link to your eReserves page is a simple process:

  1. From the Page Management screen of your Ereserves course, click documents and copyright.
  2. At the document list box, select add document next to the green X.
  3. Click add a new document then type in the title of the article or website.
  4. Next, scroll down to Step 2 and click on web link. A box containing the letters http:// will appear. Type in the web address, then click the green check mark to verify the address.
  5. Finally, click save under step 3, then select document list at the bottom of the page to check your new addition.

Can I organize documents into folders grouped by week, topic, etc.?

Yes. To create a folder, open your course page, select the Page Management tab, then click manage folders. Click add folder next to the green X. Name the folder (e.g. Week 1, Group Project Instructions, Plato Readings, etc.) and click the save button, then click close window.

  1. To add existing documents to the folder: click documents and copyright', click the box next to the pertinent document, then click modify selected at the top of the box. At the Place in a folder field, scroll down to the appropriate folder, then click the save box and document list.
  2. To add new documents to the folder: when you upload, you will be prompted to decide if you'd like to add the new document to a folder. Simply click the appropriate box and select the folder name.

How long will my course page remain posted?

The course page will remain posted until the ending visibility date. The default ending visibility date will be the final day of the semester.

How can I repost my eReserves course pages in future semesters?

Please see: Moving eReserves to a new semester

My eReserve course page from last semester is no longer posted. Why not? Was it deleted?

Course pages will not be deleted unless at the express wish of the instructor. Your course page was most likely archived according to the ending visibility date. See instructions for reposting the course.

My colleague would like to use my course page in future semesters. Can I share it?

It's best to ask your colleague to request an eReserve account so they'll be given their own user ID and password. This way, their name can be added to your course page under additional instructors and their students will see your colleague's name in addition to your name, thus preventing confusion. Remember that anyone with access to your page can make changes, so please clarify your expectations before sharing.

How do I create another course page for a different class I'm teaching?

To create another course page, access your account using Admin Login. From the Main Menu, click Course Reserves Pages and complete all required fields in Step 1. In Step 2, complete the Password field with a password with which the students will access your page. Also, add an end visibility date upon which the course page will be archived. Finally, in Step 3, click Save.

Is help available in addition to the Docutek tutorial and help section?

Yes, please contact Greg Kettinger via e-mail or phone at 314-246-7813.




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