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S.S. Webster Victory

During World War II, Webster University students helped support the war effort through selling war bonds. As a result of their successful fundraising, a Victory class ship was named after what was then Webster College. Several college staff and alumni were on hand on June 26, 1945 at the ship launching in Baltimore, Maryland.


Black and white photo of Victory Ship Launch, 5 womenAfter the war, the ship was sold to the Rotterdam Lloyd company in 1947 and renamed the Sarangan (photographs of the Sarangan). In 1963, the ship was sold to Liberia and renamed the Westwind and later Oceania (TheShipsList). Eventually it was sent to the scrap heap in 1972 (Sawyer & Mitchell, p. 43).


Photo of Webster staff and alumni at the launch (from The Web, vol. XXII, no.1, October 12, 1945, p. 4). Pictured are (left to right): Marcelle Barbazan '45, Mary Jane Greenslade '43, Mrs. J. Irwin Johnson (Assistant Dean of Women at Webster College), Rosemary Gottlab Parkin '32, Kay Wheeler '46.


Video of Webster Victory launch: watch footage from the launch in 1945.




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