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School Colors

In the early days of Webster, school colors were generally listed as gold or yellow and white (Student handbook, 1932-33, p. 25; Student handbook, 1937-38, p. 40). The
Alma mater written in 1945 even mentions these colors in its lyrics ("Thy banner, streaming colors gold and white.")


Blue was added to the original colors to coincide with the creation of the athletic program in 1984. An article in the Webster-Kirkwood Times quotes Niel DeVasto, former athletic director, as saying that blue was added in 1984 because it was felt a dark color was needed to go with gold and white. (Starck, 2001).


By the time Webster's basketball team took to the floor at its new home in the Plymouth Building, the gym had been painted to incorporate the additional color (Fearn, 1984).



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