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Poem for Dedication Day, October 12, 1916

The following poem appeared in the souvenir booklet commemorating Dedication Day for Loretto College, October 12, 1916. It was also published in the November 1916 issue of The Lorettine


Loretto College by Mother M. Wilfrid.


Fling back the gates; the portals open wide;
Let "Welcome" be the note of every tongue.
Another Institute, no child of pride,
But full of vigor, generous and young.


It loometh high, with foliage-cloister round,
The older growth enshrining thus the new;
Each massive wall, from turret cap to ground,
Proclaims the lofty aim it hath in view.


The stately dignity of mental worth
Embodied seems within these solid walls,
A laudable ambition gave them birth,
Each stone and arch on wisdom loudly calls.


Nor this alone. For Science, deadly cold,
Can ne'er uplift, nor fully satisfy
The human heart; from days of Eden old,
Souls, made immortal, to their Maker cry.


No maiden here should womanhood forget,
Nor learning seek, omitting Virtue's ways,
In paths of Knowledge tho' her feet be set,
Let each remember whom the Scriptures praise.


The sweeping current of the world's on-rush
Hath nothing sacred to inspire its song;
It scorns the shaded bank, the evening's hush,
It must away its pleasures to prolong.


Turn, O ye maidens, from the speeding tide,
As students 'mid sweet silences repose;
Here in youth's innocence and peace abide,
While girlish buds unfold the woman-rose.


Upon this College roof may Powers benign,
To sanctify its work, strong seal impress,
That while to outward world its merits shine,
In daily progress, Heaven may deign to bless!