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Deans of Webster's Colleges and Schools

The individual schools and colleges at Webster were created in the 1990s. Below are the individuals who have served as dean of each one.


College of Arts and Sciences (founded 1995)


1996-2000: Dr. William Eidson

2002-2015: Dr. David Carl Wilson

2017-    :     Dr. Anton S. (Tony) Wallner


Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts (founded 1994; named for former president Leigh Gerdine in 2000)


1995-2019: Peter E. Sargent

2019-    :     Paul Steger


School of Business and Technology (founded 1992 as School of Business and Management; name changed to Business and Technology in 1995; named for Ambassador George Herbert Walker III in 2010).


1995-1998: Dr. Wilford G. ("Wil") Miles, Jr.

2000-2015: Dr. Benjamin Ola Akande

2017-    :     Dr. Simone Cummings


School of Communications (founded 1996)


1996-1997: Dr. John Neal

1998-2012: Dr. Debra Carpenter

2012-    :     Dr. Eric W. Rothenbuhler


School of Education (founded 1995)


1995-2002: Dr. Judith Walker de Felix

2003-2017: Dr. Brenda Fyfe


See our Academic Deans page for information on the individuals who have overseen Webster's academic programs through the years.