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There is a College Called Webster

By Inge d'Alquen Huber and Peggy Versen (class of 1945)


There is a college called Webster,
Green ivy-clad are her walls,
Long live her laughter forever and after 
That echoes through her halls.


Dear Alma Mater of my heart,
Thy spirit proudly sets thee apart.
Thy banner, streaming colors gold and white, 
A symbol shining brightly through the night.
The friendships formed in Webster's name Will honor thy glory and fame.
Loyalty, pledg'd to thee
Throughout the far distant years.


Audio of song (YouTube video) (sung by a group of alumni)


Photo of Versen and Huber (from The Web, vol. XXI, no. 9, April 24, 1945, p. 3).

Black and white photo of two women, Versen and Huber


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