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Beanie song

For many years, freshmen were required to wear green caps or "beanies" as part of new student orientation. Freshmen were allowed to remove the beanies at Halloween when they traditionally hosted a party for the upperclassmen.

 green cap

The class of 1964 composed a song to commemorate the removal of their beanies. The lyrics are as follows:


I see beanies flying through the air
All around it's green atmosphere.
You know beanies are so hard to wear.
I wonder why? I wonder why?


We're not supposin'
Today's the day we've chosen
To toss off our beanies with joy
To tear down the hall.
To laugh and recall that beanies are gone for all.


We're not pretendin'
The joys are well intended
And then we hope that you'll look back
To the class of '64
The class with more and more
Who thought the beanies were a bore.


But now that they are gone
We feel a panging throng and
Something's missing on our head.
It's bare, it's cold, it's queer
But now we have no fear
That we're among our classmates true and dear.