Alma Mater for Webster University 

The original alma mater for Webster University appears to be a song called "Dear Webster". The lyrics were by Anne E. Carr (class of 1928) and the music was by Frances "Frank" R. Ward (class of 1929). The song was first mentioned in the student newspaper in June 1928.1 Official publication came in 1929 when the sheet music appeared, copyrighted by Hunleth Music Co. (The Hunleth Music Co. archives are located at the University of Illinois.) An article in the student newspaper stated the following about the publication: "Within its pages, sound the brave notes of the undying love of Loretto girls for their chosen mother, taking form in simple heart-felt words and music that marches gallantly."2

"Dear Webster" lyrics

In 1945, a new alma mater emerged from a contest held in conjunction with a spring musical production called "In Search of a Song". One stated purpose of the event was "a search for a new song which will typify Webster."3 A later article mentions that students throughout Webster were trying their hand at writing a song "that will express the spirit of W.C., and will compete favorably with the other songs and music to be performed".4 A student handbook reported that the contest was decided by a board of judges which included at least one nun and one priest on the faculty.5

The song contest was won by Inge d'Alquen Huber and Peggy Versen (class of 1945) who wrote a song called "There is a College Called Webster." An interview with the composers ran in the student newspaper a few weeks after the musical.6

"There is a College Called Webster" lyrics (unfortunately no sheet music is available)


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