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Emerson Studio Theatre at Webster University

The Emerson Studio Theatre is a small venue in the lower level of the Loretto-Hilton Center. It is currently used for Conservatory productions as well as the Studio Theatre season of the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis. It was designated the "Emerson" Studio Theatre in fall 2002 due to the generosity of the Emerson corporation.


The Repertory Theatre's website refers to the studio theatre as "a flexible black box" (http://www.repstl.org/visit/our-theatres). Conservatory alumnus Jim Butz commented on the challenges of performing in the studio theatre: “In the intimacy of the studio space, you have to really be locked in and focused,” Jim Butz said. “You also have to be very honest, because the audience is right on top of you and can see every tick and facial expression. When it goes well, it is wonderful; when it goes poorly, it is purgatorial.” (Clancy, 2014)


Theatre specifications (Conservatory website)



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