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Stage 3 at Webster University

An auditorium (sometimes referred to as the Little Theater) was included in the Administration Building (now Webster Hall) when classes in St. Louis began in September 1916. Over the years, the space was used for much more than theatre productions, including assemblies, lectures, debates, conferences, dances, fashion shows, political rallies, musical programs, dance performances, meetings, Halloween parties, radio broadcasts, religious ceremonies, motion pictures, card parties, carnivals, banquets, yoga, graduation ceremonies,vaudevilles, musicales, and operas. After the Loretto-Hilton Center was opened in 1966, the location was often referred to as the "old" or "ground floor" auditorium.


A Kresge grant in the early 1970s included funds for renovating the old auditorium, dividing it into two spaces to accommodate theatre and film viewings. It also allowed for sound-proofing and air conditioning.(Fine, 1973). The following fall an article reported on the improvements nearing completion: carpeting, painting, "...levelled seating and a rebuilt stage." (Ryan, 1973, p. 1).


In 1980, the auditorium was renamed Stage 3 in conjunction with a new initiative in the graduate directing program. (Boyd, 1980).


Theatre specifications (Conservatory website)



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