Preserving your family's history | Webster University

Preserving your family's history

Conservation/Preservation Information for the General Public 

Links to many resources on preservation and proper treatment of antiques and papers, old book collections, photographs, films, and other materials.


Disaster Response and Recovery

Guides for dealing with materials damaged by floods and other disasters.


Personal archiving: Preserving your digital memories

Guidelines for preserving digital photographs, audio and video, electronic mail, and other digital materials.


Preservation: Frequently Asked Questions

Advice from the Library of Congress on preserving various types of materials, such as audio-visual materials, books, photographs, etc.


Resources for private and family collections

The Northeast Document Conservation Center offers advice and links to helpful information for preserving family collections.


Preservation tips (from the Webster U. Library blog)

Are your financial records ready for an emergency?

Dealing with water-damaged materials

How long will your digital memories last?

Free your photos from magnetic albums