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University Center

University Center

Groundbreaking: Sept. 19, 1991

Official opening: Sept. 11, 1992

Cost: $5.5 million

Size: 46,400 square feet

Architects: Sverdrup Corporation


In Fall 1989, an article in Webster World reported that Webster University was one of only a few universities in the country without a student union and athletic facilities. That same year Webster received a $1 Million Challenge Grant for a new University Center from the J.E and L.E. Mabee Foundation. The grant and subsequent funds raised allowed the university to build a facility for recreation, school athletics, and student leisure and government activities.


The new building was especially vital to the needs of the athletics department which began intercollegiate play in 1984. Previously Webster had played in various high school gymnasiums. Even before that the university shared a facility with Nerinx Hall until the gym  was destroyed by fire in 1985.


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