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Book Chain to Webster University's Emerson Library

Emerson Library at dusk

From 1969-2003, Webster University and Eden Theological Seminary shared the Luhr Building on the Eden campus. With
Webster's new Emerson Library due to open July 1, 2003, the university hired professional movers to pack and transport collections as well as fixtures, office supplies, etc. to the new building over a period of weeks.


The last 100 books were moved on June 30, 2003 via a book chain involving members of the Webster, Eden, and local communities. Below are some photographs from the event (click on a photograph for a larger view).


[Color photograph of last 100 books]

The last 100 books waiting to be moved; the final book was A gentle madness: bibliophiles, bibliomanes, and the eternal passion for books by Nicholas A. Basbanes.



[Color photograph of Allen Mueller handing off a book for the book chain]

Allen Mueller, Eden's Library Director, hands the books to start the book chain.


[Color photograph of people book chain outside of Luhr Library]

Start of the book chain outside of the Luhr Library.


[Color photograph of book chain water/t-shirt stations]

Participants were supplied with t-shirts and water.


[Color photograph of Sr. Mary Mangan]

Sr. Mary Mangan, S.L., a 1935 graduate and Professor Emeritus at Webster, joined in the fun.


[Color photograph of children who helped with the book chain]

Local children helped with the book chain.


[Color photograph of facilities personnel with grocery carts]

Facilities personnel brought the books across the street using shopping carts.


[Color photograph of Book chain near Loretto Hall]

Book chain stretching up the driveway toward Loretto Hall.


[Color photograph of book chain in front of Emerson Library]

Participants waited patiently in front of the new library for the books to make their way from the Eden campus.


[Color photograph of President Richard Meyers]

Webster University President Richard Meyers waits for the last book by the shelves in the new library.